Optical Transceiver

Company introduction

Beijing Hcstcom Vision Technology Co., Ltd. has the right of foreign trade import and export approved by the state. The company is mainly engaged in high-definition video optical terminal, high-definition video mixing matrix, high-definition video converter, and radio and television Optical transmission equipment, industrial Ethernet switches, broadband network access products research and development, production, sales and services. At present, the company has a mature and creative R & D team.
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Product Display

Product Display

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Our advantages

High quality products、Stable and reliable performance、Perfect timely service

    01, have excellent technical team, personalized requirements for customers.

    02, development, innovation, pragmatism, integrity "is the development of the company.

    03. The company currently has a mature and creative R&D team, using the core technology of independent R&D.

    05. Improve and develop new products, and develop customized products for customers' individual needs.

    05, good market feedback also shows good product quality.

News Information

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